The false tale of the bullfighter’s epiphany

Published on 13/12/2018 at 19:23

No, this picture does not show the transformation of a severely malnourished Nigerian toddler after he was adopted by a Danish aid worker

Published on 06/12/2018 at 12:33

A UN-sponsored migrant ‘invasion’ in Ontario? No, just routine plane maintenance

Published on 05/12/2018 at 23:05

No, Russia has not given France an ultimatum to end use of CFA franc

Updated on 27/11/2018 at 18:06

No, a French helicopter did not deliver weapons to Boko Haram

Updated on 14/11/2018 at 16:01

No, this is not the skeleton of biblical giant Goliath

Published on 16/10/2018 at 04:24