Old hoax resurfaces online about NASA adding 13th zodiac sign ‘Ophiuchus’

Published on 22/07/2020 at 06:13

The loans were given to a variety of US religious organisations, not just evangelical churches, official data shows

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:36

This image is a hoax advert that began circulating on messaging boards in 2018

Published on 13/07/2020 at 10:07

These photos were published in 2013 news reports about a murder case in the US state of Georgia

Published on 10/07/2020 at 10:01

This 1998 photo shows young polio patients in Sierra Leone

Published on 08/07/2020 at 11:08

No, this purported article about alleged plans to remove a trout statue in New Zealand is a hoax

Published on 06/07/2020 at 04:59

Hoax about Bill Gates’ plan to ‘microchip the vaccine’ circulates online

Published on 25/06/2020 at 09:37