Misleading claim circulates on Korean social media that 'Germany closed 66 Chinese Confucius Institutes'

Published on 25/11/2020 at 07:34

Hoax figures circulate in online posts about South Korea's reported coronavirus cases

Published on 20/11/2020 at 10:32

Posts mix old and new photos to falsely inflate pro-Trump rally crowd

Updated on 18/11/2020 at 01:10

Korean social media posts share misleading claim about ballots 'found in trash' in Pennsylvania

Published on 13/11/2020 at 03:24

Trump, Homeland Security did not watermark ballots in fraud sting

Published on 12/11/2020 at 00:14

Claims of 132,000 likely ineligible Georgia ballots are 'baseless'

Updated on 12/11/2020 at 17:06

Facebook posts share misleading 'fraud' claim after Chinese courier package spotted at US election ballot count

Published on 11/11/2020 at 10:29

Misleading claim circulates online that Seoul government has introduced a scheme allowing bicycles on all buses city-wide

Published on 11/11/2020 at 07:00

Fake suicide note attributed to late South Korean comedian Park Ji-sun circulates online

Published on 06/11/2020 at 09:16

Misleading claim circulates online that restored photo of Korean independence activist shows evidence of torture

Published on 06/11/2020 at 05:58

Hoax advert for Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials circulates across social media platforms in South Korea

Published on 02/11/2020 at 08:55

Misleading claim spreads online that flu vaccines administered in South Korea in 2020 were made in China

Published on 29/10/2020 at 10:37

No evidence to support these 'statistics' about effectiveness of face masks, expert says

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:37

Gates Foundation targeted with misleading claims about India polio vaccine campaign

Updated on 22/07/2020 at 21:06

Gargling warm salt water or vinegar does not prevent coronavirus infection, health experts say

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 18:19