Video shows Indian opposition party leader, not 'father of rape victim protesting sexual violence'

Updated on 24/05/2023 at 05:58

Thailand's Move Forward Party leader hit with false claim he 'did not graduate from Harvard'

Published on 23/05/2023 at 05:23

Fake Pentagon explosion image spreads online

Published on 22/05/2023 at 22:03

Video shows alcohol smugglers in India's Andhra Pradesh, not 'far-right group in Karnataka state'

Published on 22/05/2023 at 12:02

Computer-generated image of ‘giant’ does not show last living Neanderthal man

Published on 22/05/2023 at 10:53

Fabricated endorsements for 'mixed nuts to replace regular meals' spread in the Philippines

Published on 20/05/2023 at 11:50

House speaker has not called for US congressman's prosecution

Published on 19/05/2023 at 23:00

Washington law does not allow US state to 'kidnap' children

Published on 19/05/2023 at 22:49

Posts misrepresent reports in WHO vaccine safety database

Published on 19/05/2023 at 22:46

Advocacy group misrepresents gender-affirming care in North Carolina

Published on 19/05/2023 at 17:17

Post falsely claims to show footage of Ethiopia and Eritrea engaged in a new war

Published on 19/05/2023 at 16:51

Hoax statement falsely claims South African broadcaster to charge motorists ‘radio licence’ fee

Published on 19/05/2023 at 15:46

Hoax Facebook page of rebel official makes false claims about Ethiopian peace talks

Published on 19/05/2023 at 14:39

Logo of Kenyan political party digitally added to cult leader’s T-shirt

Updated on 19/05/2023 at 16:10

Health experts rubbish 'bogus' cancer advice shared on Facebook

Updated on 19/05/2023 at 11:39