Biden attended arrival of US troops killed in Afghanistan

Published on 02/09/2021 at 22:52

Satirical posts about 'lax security in Afghan airport' mislead with old photo from Yemen

Published on 02/09/2021 at 10:39

Facebook posts do not show female Afghan pilot 'stoned to death' by the Taliban

Published on 02/09/2021 at 09:35

Video does not show Taliban using helicopter to execute man

Updated on 01/09/2021 at 21:41

Doctored photo allegedly showing US soldiers eating at Pakistan homeless shelter misleads online

Published on 01/09/2021 at 12:03

This footage shows an explosion in the Gaza Strip, not Afghanistan

Updated on 01/09/2021 at 12:22

This video has circulated in old posts about a street performance in Afghanistan

Published on 01/09/2021 at 11:13

This is an old photo shared in reports about an Iraq mosque destroyed in 2014

Published on 01/09/2021 at 09:33

This video shows an explosion in Kazakhstan, not at the Kabul airport

Published on 31/08/2021 at 09:12

This image is not from Afghanistan 2021, it is a doctored old photo of a Chinese plane

Published on 30/08/2021 at 11:31

Posts warning of 'imminent attack in Afghanistan valley' share old image of Pakistan village

Updated on 31/08/2021 at 03:00

Conspiracy theorists claim US jet departing Afghanistan was fake

Published on 27/08/2021 at 22:23

Photo of man with leashed woman does not show Taliban

Published on 27/08/2021 at 17:40

This video was created digitally by a Vietnamese artist

Published on 27/08/2021 at 13:05

AFP image misrepresented as photo of Kabul blast

Updated on 27/08/2021 at 20:27