Posts mislead on Gardasil shot safety

Updated on 30/03/2023 at 22:18

Anti-vaccine advocates mislead on British boy's death

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Bill Gates did not end interview when asked about vaccines; video was manipulated

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Video falsely claims HPV vaccine contains dangerous ingredient

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Covid-19 vaccines falsely linked to lower life expectancy

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Posts misrepresent Moderna CEO's comments on shots

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Chinese social media users recirculate false claim about 'US Supreme Court ruling on Covid vaccines'

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Social media posts misleadingly link Covid-19 vaccination with excess mortality in Australia

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Anti-vaccine advocates falsely link Covid shots to miscarriages

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Articles misinterpret UK Covid-19 vaccine data

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Article misleads on safety of Pfizer vaccine ingredient

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Indonesian health ministry rejects fabricated article on 'high value of unvaccinated sperm'

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Claims about US medical codes for unvaccinated are misleading

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Posts misrepresent study on myocarditis, Covid-19 vaccines

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Thai health officials reject false reports kingdom to 'ban Pfizer Covid vaccines'

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