Google document shared on Facebook promotes fake supermarket jobs in Kenya

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 A Google document shared in Facebook posts claims to advertise hundreds of jobs at Naivas Supermarket, a leading supermarket chain in Kenya. In order to apply, users are required to fill out a form and pay a “registration fee”. But AFP Fact Check found the adverts to be a hoax; Naivas denied any association with the purported listings, saying that it does not recruit on Facebook nor demand a fee from applicants.

The hoax document has been shared as an embedded form on Facebook and shared more than 350 times.

Screenshot of the fake jobs advert, taken on March 23, 2021 (Screenshot of the fake jobs advert, taken on March 23, 2021)

The same advert was also posted on Facebook here and here in April 2021.

The post claims that the supermarket chain is recruiting 530 new staff, who will be paid a minimum of 30,000 Kenyan Shillings ($300) a month.

Interested applicants are asked to pay a KSh 370 registration fee to the organisation’s human resources department. The advert says that only those who pay the fees will be considered for the jobs.

Screenshot of the Google form section asking applicants to pay a registration fee, taken on April 23, 2021

Job listings are fake

A Naivas Supermarket representative confirmed that it has no association with the purported application form and added that it does not ask for any payment from job applicants.

“The jobs are a scam, we do not advertise jobs through Google forms and neither do we ask applicants to pay any fee throughout the job application process,” Naivas spokesman Willy Kimani told AFP Fact Check.

Kimani added that the organisation only advertises jobs on its website and official social media pages.

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