Manipulated clip of Karine Jean-Pierre circulates online

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A tweet liked more than 30,000 times shows a clip of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appearing to avoid a question about the oil industry from a journalist during a daily briefing. But the video has been manipulated, editing out her response, AFP found.

"Priceless… sound (on)...," an October 26, 2022 tweet says, displaying a clip of Jean-Pierre after the reporter's question about fossil fuels, and viewed 1.6 million times on the platform.

In the clip, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy poses the question: "So, you're asking oil companies to further lower gas prices, what makes you think that they are going to listen to an administration that is ultimately trying to put them out of business?"

To which, she says: "How is the administration trying to put them out of business?"

"Well, they produce fossil fuels and this president says he wants to end fossil fuels," Doocy adds.

In the clip, Jean-Pierre is seen staring at the reporter without answering the question, before ending the briefing.

A screenshot of a tweet taken on October 31, 2022

Recent financial reports from oil companies have shown a surge in profits, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which boosted the industry by lifting crude prices, as well as natural gas prices due to Europe's mobilization to offset lost natural gas imports from Russia.

AFP found through a search on the C-SPAN TV channel the full, original video of the White House press briefing from that day, October 19, which contains the sequence about gasoline prices shared on Twitter.

It can be seen, here, around the 30'55'' minute mark.

It shows that Jean-Pierre did, in fact, respond to the journalist's comment, contrary to what the manipulated clip on Twitter shows.

She said: "US oil production is up and on track to reach a record high next year. We've seen that... we see their profit margins... It's record high. And so, in fact, the United States has produced more oil in President Biden's first year than under Trump's administration's first year. But at the same time, oil companies are raking in record profits while more than 9,000 approved drilling permits remain untapped by the oil industry. There is no shortage of opportunity or incentive for oil companies to ramp up production. This is something that they can actually do. It is available to them."

The same original sequence, as described in this fact-check, can be found in the video of the briefing published on The White House YouTube channel.

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