Photo digitally manipulated to show Queen Elizabeth wearing Kenyan political party logo

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With less than two weeks left before Kenya’s general elections, social media is awash with online propaganda and disinformation pitting supporters of leading political parties against each other. Some of the posts recently shared on Facebook in the country appear to show Queen Elizabeth II wearing a jacket branded with the logo of a Kenyan political party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). But the image is doctored: in the original photo taken in 2018, the queen is wearing a yellow jacket with no UDA logo.

“Queen Elizabeth excites Kenyans after stepping out in lovely UDA party colours,” reads one of the posts published on Facebook on July 21, 2022.

Screenshot showing the doctored photo, taken on July 29, 2022

The majority of the people commenting on the post seem to believe that the image is real, with supporters of the two leading presidential aspirants William Ruto and Raila Odinga using it to mock each other.

Screenshots showing a few comments on the post

The photo was also shared in another Facebook post making the same claim.

Kenyans will vote to elect their fifth president on August 9, 2022. General elections in the country are often contentious with many people voting along ethnic lines.

But the photo does not show the Queen of England wearing a jacket branded with a UDA logo.

Doctored photo

AFP Fact Check conducted a reverse image search and found that the original photo, without a UDA logo, has been online since at least 2018 – three years before UDA was registered as a political party.

In the original photo, the queen is wearing a yellow outfit and a silver and black brooch.

Screenshot showing the original image from the Getty Images photos archive

The image is available in the Getty Images photo archives and is credited to photographer Max Mumby.

The photo was taken during the 2018 Royal Ascot – a major event on the British social calendar that features horse racing and elaborate hats. It takes place every June at the Ascot Racecourse in England.

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