Video shows police station set on fire in central Nigeria, not the country’s capital

Published on 26/05/2021 at 11:11

This is an old video, not footage of the jet crash that killed Nigeria's army chief

Published on 25/05/2021 at 17:54

Experts say sitting over a mixture of scented leaves and hot water is dangerous for women

Published on 19/05/2021 at 12:28

A fictional blog post from 2014 is falsely attributed to Israel’s PM

Published on 14/05/2021 at 17:09

This 2011 video shows rebels during Libya's war, not Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria

Published on 07/05/2021 at 13:38

This is a 2005 picture of a runway in DR Congo, not Nigeria

Published on 27/04/2021 at 10:51

Photo of Queen Elizabeth II crying was taken in 2002, not at her husband’s funeral in 2021

Published on 23/04/2021 at 15:33

Footage of destroyed military plane includes old clip of Syrian helicopter exploding over Damascus

Published on 12/04/2021 at 15:35

Nigeria has seen unemployment rise steadily since Buhari took office in 2015

Published on 12/04/2021 at 12:21

This 2014 image shows protesters in Burkina Faso, not Nigeria

Published on 29/03/2021 at 14:28

This digitally-altered image does not show police fleeing attack in southeast Nigeria

Published on 23/03/2021 at 14:18

This photo does not show the models from the viral 'distracted boyfriend' meme

Updated on 23/03/2021 at 13:21

Neither Tiwa Savage nor the Kutis were among the winners at the 63rd Grammy Awards

Updated on 18/03/2021 at 11:19

Picture of burning building does not show Nigeria’s presidential residence on fire

Updated on 12/03/2021 at 11:05

Facebook has not sold WhatsApp to the Nigerian government

Published on 10/03/2021 at 14:37