Pornhub has not ranked Nigeria as world leader in pornography viewing

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  • Published on October 4, 2021 at 16:39
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  • By Mayowa TIJANI, AFP Nigeria
A claim shared on social media purports that adult content website Pornhub named Nigeria as the top country for consuming pornographic content in the world. This is false; Pornhub lists the United States as the biggest driver of traffic to its site. A spokesman told AFP Fact Check that Nigeria does not rank in its top 20 countries.

A post shared in the community forum of Nigerian newspaper Vanguard claimed that Nigeria consumes more porn than any other country in the world. “Nigeria ranked highest porn-watching country in the world, Ghana 2nd (sic),” the caption of the post reads.

Screenshot taken on September 30, 2021, showing the false post

The post features a chart purportedly from Pornhub's website, with Nigeria at the top of a list of 25 countries. The image is visibly cropped at the top and the bottom.

A screenshot taken on September 30, 2021, showing the cropped chart

The newspaper's page shared the post to its 3.1 million Facebook followers.

The post was also shared verbatim by a Facebook user here, but followed up with a comment explaining that it was not entirely accurate. “VANGUARD got this wrong. Nigeria is not even in top 25. The true version is Nigeria came 1st on nations googling BBW,” the user wrote in a pinned comment. The acronym BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Women”.  

The post from Vanguard’s community forum has also been shared elsewhere on Facebook and archived here, here and here.

Original chart

A reverse image search of the image of the cropped chart led to the original, complete chart, which was first published by Pornhub Insights here

It does not show the top consumers of porn in the world. The chart, which is part of an article on specific search queries, shows which countries most search for the term “BBW” (“Big Beautiful Women”). 

A screenshot taken on September 30, 2021, showing the full chart

Pornhub refutes claim

Pornhub told AFP Fact Check that these claims are inaccurate. Based on the company’s latest data insights, Nigeria was not in the top 20 countries for porn consumption. 

The last Pornhub Insight annual report, published in December 2019, showed that the United States led the world in traffic, while South Africa was the top country in Africa.

Image showing the biggest consumers of porn worldwide according to Pornhub

“South Africa moved down from Pornhub’s Top 20 countries to number 24 in 2019. The average visitor spent 11 minutes 21 seconds, and 37% of visitors were female,” the report noted.

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