After signing Lionel Messi, PSG gained some 3 million Instagram followers in a day, not 23 million

Published on 13/08/2021 at 12:24

Popular Nigerian pastor falsely claims Covid-19 vaccines alter DNA

Published on 10/08/2021 at 17:41

Coffin resembling phallus was used to bury Ghanaian man who performed circumcisions, not a sex worker

Published on 06/08/2021 at 13:19

Experts deny claims that taking painkillers after Covid-19 vaccine causes death

Published on 05/08/2021 at 14:58

Old images shared on social media as fresh plane crash in Nigeria’s northwest

Published on 30/07/2021 at 17:10

Old images of seized ammunition are shared anew on social media to stir fear, says Nigerian Customs

Updated on 19/07/2021 at 06:14

Image shows an underwater sculpture, not a human-shaped rock in the Pacific Ocean

Published on 09/07/2021 at 10:56

Old footage shows supporters of Nigerian separatist Kanu Nnamdi at the Vatican, not the White House

Published on 07/07/2021 at 16:54

Old footage does not show Nigerian separatists protesting recent arrest of Nnamdi Kanu

Published on 02/07/2021 at 18:21

Nigerian president claims government lifted millions out of poverty in two years, but evidence says otherwise

Published on 30/06/2021 at 16:52

Posts falsely claim old photos show Nigerian leader's recent visit to Maiduguri

Updated on 23/06/2021 at 18:14

Footage shows civilian task force members joining Nigerian army, not repentant Boko Haram fighters

Published on 17/06/2021 at 14:11

Fabricated tweet falsely claims Facebook founder had dig at Nigerian leader’s health

Published on 10/06/2021 at 11:54

This video does not show a volcanic eruption in Lake Kivu – it was filmed in Nigeria and experts point to an underwater pipeline fire

Published on 09/06/2021 at 17:12

This doctored graphic does not show funds stolen by former chairman of Nigeria’s anti-graft agency

Published on 02/06/2021 at 10:11