Not enough evidence showing hot pineapple water kills cancer cells, experts say

Updated on 13/08/2021 at 09:46

False claim circulates online that Baduy community in Indonesia have never been vaccinated

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This video shows Indonesia's military flag flown by a helicopter over the country's territory

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This video shows Indonesian President Joko Widodo resigning as Jakarta governor in 2014

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This video shows different incidents in Lebanon, Thailand and South Korea

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This video does not show Chinese president demanding Indonesia's island as 'debt collateral'

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False claim circulates in Indonesia that 'no Covid-19 victims died outside hospitals'

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Indonesian Facebook users share misleading claim about Turkey's mosque closures during pandemic

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Homemade device does not produce enough oxygen for Covid-19 patients, experts say

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This video shows Ronaldo taking off his medal after losing a match in 2019

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This video shows Ronaldo not shaking hands with a French football executive in 2014

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Malaysia gets additional hajj quota only after the pandemic situation ‘fully recovers’

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This photo shows Turkish President Erdogan standing up to fist-bump US President Biden

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False claim that coconut water concoction can 'cure Covid-19' circulates online

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Viral video falsely claims pandemic is staged

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