This video shows a robot greeting visitors at a defence show in Abu Dhabi in 2019

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A video has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alongside a claim it shows the King of Bahrain arriving in Dubai escorted by a robot bodyguard. The claim is false; the footage has circulated online in reports about a robot called Titan who greeted visitors at a defence show in Abu Dhabi in 2019. 

The 30-second video was posted here on Facebook on August 16, 2020. It has been viewed more than 3,200 times. 

The Indonesian-language post translates to English as: “The King of Bahrain arrives in Dubai with his bodyguard robot equipped with a camera to track 360 degrees and equipped with a pistol. Technology moves faster than ever in history ...” 

Screenshot of misleading post, taken on August 19, 2020

The same footage has been viewed more than 4,200 times after it was shared with a similar claim on Facebook here, here, here and here; as well as on Twitter here and here

The same footage with a similar claim in English appeared on Facebook here and here; in Malaysian language here and here; in French here and here; in Spanish here; in Polish here and here; in Russian here; and in Arabic here, here and here.

The claim, however, is false. 

A Google reverse image followed by subsequent keyword searches found this video uploaded on YouTube on February 24, 2020. It shows the same scene as the footage in the misleading post.

The three-minute 28-second video is titled: “8-ft Titan robot greets visitors at UAE defence show Idex in Abu Dhabi”. 

Titan is a partially mechanised robot costume developed by UK-based Cyberstein Robots. 

The International Defence Exhibition and Conference, or IDEX, is the only international defence trade event in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is held biennially at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Below is a screenshot comparison between the footage in the misleading post (L) and the video on YouTube (R):

Screenshot comparison between the footage in the misleading post (L) and the video on YouTube (R)

The man who is seen being followed by the robot in the video is not the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Below is a photo of the monarch on the website of Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Screenshot of Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s website

Khaleej Times, a daily English-newspaper based in Dubai, published a report about Titan at UAE defence show here on February 19, 2019. It is headlined: “Video: 8-ft Titan robot greets visitors at UAE defence show Idex”. 

The report states in part: “Titan, a famous walkaround robot, is 8ft tall and weighs 60 kg. He is the world's first commercial entertainment robot artist and was developed by the British company Cyberstein.

“Titan the Robot is an entertainment concept unlike anything on earth and is used by event management companies in the UAE and worldwide to add something very special any festival, corporate party or as the ultimate in shopping mall entertainment. His comedy antics are loved by children and adults alike.”