Nigerian presidential candidate makes misleading claims in interview

Updated on 28/07/2022 at 15:37

Presidential candidate misrepresents number of Nigerians playing in the NBA

Published on 27/07/2022 at 16:20

Video of Nigerian politician allegedly handing out cash predates state election

Updated on 22/07/2022 at 10:59

No evidence southern Nigerian state passed Sharia bill to secure votes in the north

Published on 21/07/2022 at 14:11

Photo does not show poultry killed in Lagos flooding, but by Bolivian floods in 2021

Published on 20/07/2022 at 11:27

Anglican priest’s sermon not linked to Nigerian Muslim presidential candidates

Published on 15/07/2022 at 17:56

Governor candidates in Nigeria's Osun state make false claims in debates

Published on 15/07/2022 at 15:43

Pictures of bullet-riddled vehicles unrelated to July 2022 attack on Nigerian president’s convoy

Published on 15/07/2022 at 11:25

Picture shows Nigeria’s vice president in primary school, not presidential candidate Bola Tinubu

Published on 07/07/2022 at 15:40

No evidence to support claim that Nigerian governor’s adviser was attacked in Lagos

Published on 28/06/2022 at 12:47

Nigerian senator distances himself from already debunked claims of Buhari’s death

Published on 22/06/2022 at 12:01

Video from Lagos wedding shows gift bags with groceries for guests, not money for politicians

Published on 21/06/2022 at 15:38