Picture shows Nigerian actor on a movie set -- not a man cursed for sleeping with someone else’s wife

A picture of a man with his feet and hands swapped has been shared thousands of times on Facebook alongside a claim that he was cursed for sleeping with another person’s wife in southern Nigeria. In reality,  the photo shows a Nigerian actor on the set of a movie.

The picture, which has been shared nearly 3,000 times and archived here, was posted to Facebook on August 29, 2017, with the caption: “This man allegedly slept with someone’s wife in Edo State and his hand and leg exchanged places immediately. Beware of married women”.

A screenshot taken on July, 28, 2020 showing the misleading post

The same picture was shared in 2017 and more recently here, here, here, here and here with similar claims.

While the comment sections indicate that many believe the story is true, some have questioned the veracities of the claim and the picture. Others have said they recognise the man.

A screenshot showing some of the comments and what people think about the image

The picture is from a movie set

AFP Fact Check ran multiple reverse image searches and found that the picture has been on the internet since 2017. The searches showed that the man is Tunde Usman, a Nigerian actor and comic, popularly known as Okele. 

We checked his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and found that he had posted the picture here and here on Instagram on August 9, 2017.

Users commenting on the picture attributed the creepy body transformation to award-winning special effects make-up artist Hakeem Onilogbo, known as Hakeem Effect.

Onilogbo denied it was his work but confirmed that the picture was taken on a movie set, according to an earlier debunk of the same claim and a comment he left on Okele’s Instagram post.

Okele has since appeared in interviews and other movies with his hands and legs in place. His latest film, released in July 2020, shows him in the role of a visually-impaired man.

His response to a request for comment will be added once it is received.

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