This photo actually shows bears at a conservation centre in the US

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A photo of black bear cubs eating apples under a tree has been shared hundreds of times on multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that the photo was taken in the disputed region of Kashmir. The claim is false; the photo actually shows cubs at the Kilham Bear Center in New Hampshire, US.

The photo was shared here on Facebook on September 30, 2020.

The photo caption reads: “#viral #Bears eating apples somewhere in kashmir.”

Screenshot of misleading Facebook post

The photo was also shared here, here, here and here on Facebook, and here, here and here on Twitter, alongside similar claims.

However, the claim is false.

A reverse image search on Google found the same photo published here on the social news website Diply on September 26, 2020.

Screenshot of photo published on social news website

The post credits the photo to Twitter user @JohnFusco12; the account is owned by US-based screenwriter John Fusco.

A subsequent keyword search found the same photo published here on @JohnFusco12’s account on September 25, 2020.

Below is a screenshot comparison of the photo in the misleading Facebook post (L) and the Twitter photo (R):

Image comparing screenshot

 While the Tweet did not mention where the photo was taken, closer examination of the Twitter profile revealed a link to Kilham Bear Center, an animal rescue center in New Hampshire, US.

Screenshot of Twitter profile

In response to the misleading posts, Kilham Bear Center told AFP via email on September 30, 2020 that the photo does show cubs in their care: “The cubs are at the Kilham Bear Center.”