US vaccine injury payouts do not mean immunization is unsafe

Published on 15/12/2020 at 20:27

Aluminum levels in vaccines for infants are safe

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Drug companies do not supply the flu shot for free

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Flu and Covid-19 tracked separately in Canada

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Patients are not getting coronavirus from the flu shot

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Misinformation targets New Jersey flu vaccine mandate plan

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Trump’s executive order on insulin not yet implemented

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Seasonal flu vaccines are safe, needed during Covid-19 pandemic

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Outdated guidance on masks circulates on Facebook in Manitoba

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Covid-19 poses risks to children, and health authorities recommend they wear masks

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Misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccine spread by ‘Plandemic’ video

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Fake WHO document shared in anti-mask posts

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Canadian children with COVID-19 symptoms can quarantine with a parent or guardian

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No evidence flu vaccines make children more vulnerable to coronavirus infections

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Hoax posts offer hazard pay to US pandemic workers

Published on 30/07/2020 at 17:31