Facebook posts falsely claim UN 'declared war' on Myanmar after military coup

Updated on 04/03/2021 at 04:49

Social media posts mislead on Thai PM's meeting with Myanmar foreign minister in Bangkok

Published on 26/02/2021 at 13:09

These photos were taken after fuel vehicles exploded in Afghanistan

Published on 26/02/2021 at 10:46

Doctored TV report misleads on payments to Myanmar's civil servants and pensioners

Published on 26/02/2021 at 06:23

This image shows a South Korean film released in 2007 -- it was not taken in Myanmar

Published on 23/02/2021 at 10:24


Social media posts share edited image of anti-coup protest in Yangon, Myanmar

Published on 22/02/2021 at 09:36

AFP photo of detained Thai protesters in 2004 recirculates in misleading posts about 'Myanmar Muslims'

Published on 19/02/2021 at 10:09

Photo of Buddhist monks protesting in Yangon in 2007 shared in misleading posts after 2021 military coup

Published on 19/02/2021 at 04:48

The image has been doctored to add a woman into a photo of an armoured vehicle in Yangon

Updated on 18/02/2021 at 04:51

This video shows Win Myint in 2018 after he was elected president -- not after the 2021 military coup

Published on 17/02/2021 at 08:56

This photo was not taken in Myanmar -- it shows a Black Lives Matter protest in the US

Published on 16/02/2021 at 08:16

These photos of police on a building in Yangon were not taken during protests in 2021

Published on 12/02/2021 at 04:31

These photos show UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrating Brexit in January 2020

Published on 10/02/2021 at 05:06

This image of healthcare workers protesting against Myanmar’s military coup has been doctored

Published on 09/02/2021 at 12:54

This photo shows discarded uniforms and weapons of Turkish soldiers during an attempted coup in 2016

Published on 06/02/2021 at 09:47