Facebook posts share false claim about size of anti-vaccine mandate protest in Australia

Published on 17/02/2022 at 09:51

Newspaper rejects fake report about New Zealand govt 'adding vaccines to water supply'

Published on 17/02/2022 at 06:16

Posts falsely claim half of Ottawa police resigned during protest

Published on 16/02/2022 at 22:08

Qantas CEO pie video unrelated to Covid-19 vaccine mandate

Published on 16/02/2022 at 21:26

Health experts dismiss false claim circulating in Indonesia that 'air pollution causes Covid-19'

Published on 15/02/2022 at 11:53

Philippine health department denounces fake Omicron 'alert'

Published on 14/02/2022 at 03:00

Video of Brazilian trucks not related to Canada protest

Published on 11/02/2022 at 22:31

Canada police not ordered to return fuel to Ottawa protesters

Published on 11/02/2022 at 21:57

Anti-vaccine poster circulates in misleading posts about 'Japan Pfizer emergency'

Updated on 16/02/2022 at 16:45

Posts spread fake letter from Canada's Trudeau to Ottawa protesters

Published on 10/02/2022 at 22:49

Misleading posts claim Covid-19 antibodies cause breast milk to change color

Published on 10/02/2022 at 18:55

Rock-filled dumpster not placed by Canada government to incite protester violence

Updated on 10/02/2022 at 21:25

These photos of Malaysia's health minister were taken at two different Covid-19 vaccine events

Published on 09/02/2022 at 10:24

Canada children's hospital did not expand to treat Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Updated on 08/02/2022 at 23:15

Aerial convoy photo unrelated to 2022 Canada trucker protest

Published on 08/02/2022 at 18:37