Hall of Famer Hank Aaron’s death unrelated to Covid-19 vaccination

Updated on 28/01/2021 at 17:18

Fraudulent Facebook posts claim the World Bank is giving loans to small businesses in Africa

Updated on 27/04/2021 at 16:46

Social media posts misrepresent Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccinations in Germany

Updated on 28/01/2021 at 04:48

Sri Lankan social media users share misleading posts about cremations of Covid-19 fatalities in US

Published on 26/01/2021 at 09:52

Indian ruling party members amplify false claim that 'Indian Muslim cleric warned of vaccine microchip conspiracy'

Published on 22/01/2021 at 11:05

Social media posts mislead on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations in Norway

Updated on 28/01/2021 at 05:06

False claim that Covid-19 is not real misattributed to US professor

Published on 21/01/2021 at 21:54

These photos show a doctor in Yemen offering free services from his car during the pandemic

Updated on 27/04/2021 at 16:47

This video actually shows a simulation exercise in Indonesia, not a real Covid-19 vaccination

Published on 21/01/2021 at 09:23

False Facebook posts claim WHO ranked Sri Lanka 'fifth best country for Covid-19 pandemic response'

Published on 21/01/2021 at 08:45

Discredited US naturopath makes false claims about Gates

Updated on 27/04/2021 at 16:48

Footage of movie props and flu shot clips used to falsely claim world leaders' Covid-19 vaccines were 'staged'

Published on 19/01/2021 at 08:45

Doctored news graphic falsely claims Filipino official branded poor people a ‘burden’ in coronavirus vaccination drive

Updated on 27/04/2021 at 16:28

Social media posts mislead on South Korean coronavirus vaccine

Published on 15/01/2021 at 11:19

Anti-parasite medication ivermectin is not a scientifically proven treatment for Covid-19

Updated on 25/01/2021 at 07:46