Suspected COVID-19 sufferers in South Africa can be forced into quarantine under certain circumstances

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:35

Social media posts falsely attribute coronavirus comments to Fauci

Published on 24/07/2020 at 16:36

South Dakota does not have the lowest coronavirus rate in the US

Published on 23/07/2020 at 22:04

This photo shows boxes of painkillers with manufacturing dates that predate the current Pakistani government

Published on 23/07/2020 at 11:16

Thermometer guns are safe to use, health experts say

Published on 23/07/2020 at 06:50

Misleading video uses footage of Fauci to criticize face mask use

Updated on 22/07/2020 at 23:24

False list of 'home treatments' for COVID-19 circulates online

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:35

Flawed experiments exaggerate risk from CO2 concentration in masks

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:35

There is no evidence that budesonide asthma inhalers can cure COVID-19, experts say

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:36

Face masks do not cause fungal lung infections if handled correctly, health experts say

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:36

Coronavirus advice falsely attributed to British Columbia’s Health Officer spreads on social media

Updated on 16/09/2020 at 15:43

This footage has circulated in reports about unattended bodies at a hospital in south India in 2013

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:36

Photo shows Obama and Fauci visiting a lab in the US, not China

Published on 17/07/2020 at 23:40

Post making false face mask claims circulates in Canada and the US

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:36

No banning order issued ending the use of face masks in Tanzania

Updated on 02/09/2020 at 16:37