The KFC logo is pictured at a restaurant in France ( AFP / Sameer Al-DOUMY)

Free KFC vouchers on Facebook not affiliated with company

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Facebook posts circulating in Canada claim to advertise free vouchers for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) food. This is false; the fast-food chain told AFP the pages making the offers are not affiliated with the international chicken brand, and that legitimate offers can only be found on the company's website or on its verified social media pages.

"To celebrate this year's 70th Anniversary with KFC, we will be sending everyone who shared and typing 'Done' on Tuesday to get a Voucher. Each voucher can be used at any KFC to get three FREE chicken buckets!" says a June 9, 2022 Facebook post that was shared more than 30,000 times before being deleted.

Similar posts have garnered thousands of shares, with some linking to a website that asks users to take a survey.

Screenshot of a Facebook post taken June 17, 2022

Some of the posts come from pages that were created in June 2022 or recently changed their names to "KFC Fans."

A screenshot taken June 21, 2022 shows the page transparency for a "KFC Fans" Facebook page
A screenshot taken June 21, 2022 shows the page transparency for a "KFC Fans" Facebook page



The posts ask users in the comments to maximize engagement by tagging friends and sharing the posts in other active groups.

Screenshot of a Facebook comment taken June 17, 2022


But KFC's official websites in Canada and the US do not mention such a giveaway. Neither does the company's verified Facebook page, which bears a different logo from the "KFC Fans" pages.

A screenshot taken June 21, 2022 shows KFC's verified Facebook page
Screenshot of a "KFC Fans" Facebook page taken June 17, 2022



Bethany Tillo, a KFC Canada spokeswoman, told AFP in an email that the offers do not come from the fast-food chain.

"KFC Canada is not affiliated with the Facebook page making this offer," she said. "Valid offers from KFC Canada can be found on our website and our official social media pages which can be linked directly from"

Online offers for gift cards and other giveaways are a common tactic scammers use on social media to obtain users' personal information. AFP Fact Check has debunked similar claims here and here.