This video shows Jakarta governor falling off a motorbike in 2018

Published on 24/11/2021 at 05:02

Popular Indonesian e-wallet OVO has not lost permit to operate

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This image shows a fire at an Islamic boarding school in Indonesia in 2019

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This video shows a celebration of a Sufi master's birthday in Nigeria

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This video shows a card game tournament in Saudi Arabia

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This video shows motorcade for Queen Elizabeth II, not Indonesian president

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Indonesian is not Vietnam's second official language

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This video was taken during the G20 summit in Japan in 2019

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This video shows a shrine of a Sufi master in Baghdad

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This video shows Indian politician fainting on stage — he survived the dizzy spell

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Experts say showering at night does not cause rheumatic diseases

Updated on 21/10/2021 at 10:27

False posts claim Indonesian president congratulated Jakarta governor over 'international hero award'

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This video of Indonesian President Joko Widodo was taken before the Covid-19 pandemic

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Health experts rubbish 'iced water makes you fat' warning

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This image shows memorial gravestones at a theme park in China

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