This video shows an actor playing an Iraqi soldier in a 2015 film

Updated on 08/07/2021 at 06:57

This photo shows a river in the Philippines, not India

Updated on 07/07/2021 at 11:44

Satirical tale of 'Muslim man broadcasting BTS song from Indian mosque' misleads online

Published on 07/07/2021 at 06:47

None of these photos show Syrian refugees making their way to New Zealand

Updated on 06/07/2021 at 12:14

Photo shows Indian politician Sonia Gandhi with her son, not Italian businessman linked to corruption scandal

Updated on 30/06/2021 at 11:13

Posts mispresent India PM Modi's speech at rally

Published on 30/06/2021 at 10:32

False posts about yoga in Saudi Arabia misuse photos from other countries

Published on 25/06/2021 at 09:17

This photo of a water crisis in Delhi was taken in 2009

Published on 24/06/2021 at 11:27

Indian politician falsely accused of pinning Pakistan flag to his car

Published on 23/06/2021 at 11:32

Posts misleadingly claim Muslim woman appointed ‘director’ of India’s space agency

Published on 22/06/2021 at 11:04

Video shows Assamese people in India protesting against their removal from electoral list in 2017

Published on 22/06/2021 at 10:25

Doctored image does not show a former ally serving tea to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Published on 22/06/2021 at 08:13

Old video resurfaces in misleading posts about Gaza conflict in 2021

Published on 20/06/2021 at 10:05

This video shows demolition of illegal constructions by local Kashmiris, not Rohingyas

Published on 17/06/2021 at 11:04

Indian newspaper did not run dating advert for ‘vaccinated’ groom-to-be

Updated on 16/06/2021 at 11:20