No, this video does not show a boy being forced to wear lipstick

A video purportedly showing teachers forcing a young boy to wear lipstick has been viral for several years in Latin America and is now being shared in Canada. The adults in the video are indeed teachers, but they are trying to give the child an Omega-3 supplement. The video was originally uploaded in June 2015 in Brazil, and resulted in a lawsuit from the child’s parent one month later.

The story had all the right elements for a public outrage. Two women, speaking in Portuguese, appear on video while they are trying to force something into a young boy’s mouth. The boy cries as he tries to resist. According to the video’s caption, the scene that online users are witnessing is “LGBT indoctrination in the classroom.” The young boy, is allegedly fighting “against having his lips painted with lipstick by a femi-marxist teacher.”

A little boy fights against having his lips painted with lipstick by a femi-marxists teacher imposing their LGBT indoctrination in the classroom.

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The video first surfaced on the internet in June 2015, but it was soon shared out of context and viewed millions of times, first in Portuguese, then in Spanish, and then in English. More recently, it resurfaced in North America, on Reddit, and then on Facebook.

The scene in the video was found in a Brazilian court to constitute child abuse, but not for the reasons described in the caption.

The scene took place in June 2015 at Ipê Centro Educacional, an educational institution in Aguas Claras, near the Brazilian capital, Brasília. According to a child abuse lawsuit related to the incident, the two women on the video, who were educators at the school, were trying to force a child to ingest an Omega-3 supplement. Omega-3 fats have health benefits for the heart, according to Alberta Health Services.

Bruna Da Silva Andrade, another educator at the school, was the one who recorded the scene, and posted it on social networks. According to Da Silva, who was a witness in the trial, the educators were holding the young boy by the arm.

According to the transcript of the trial, Da Silva “witnessed teacher Daniele (one of the educators) crushing a capsule of Omega-3 with strong smell of fish and told the child that it was snot, while rubbing her hands on the child's face." It is not clear why the educators wanted to give the child Omega-3, nor why they would lie about it being snot.

Because the Omega-3 incident was not the first incident of this type with the teachers, the school sided against them in the case. The school was forced to pay 30,000 reals (8,000 USD) and told AFP by phone that "none of the teachers involved in this case are connected to our school anymore."

Despite the assertions of the social media posts, LGBT indoctrination had no connection with the case.

The fact that the words spoken in the video are not very intelligible even to Portuguese speakers, and that the substance given to the young boy isn’t clearly visible made it an easy target for misappropriation and decontextualization.