No, top NBA player Kevin Durant has not been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers

A Facebook post purporting to present updates on the NBA claims the Golden State Warriors basketball team has traded one of its key players, Kevin Durant, to the Los Angeles Lakers. Durant continued to play for the Warriors after the false post, and neither team made any announcements about the player changing sides.

The November 16 post, shared more than 1,400 times in a week, claims the Warriors have traded Durant to the Lakers in exchange for Josh Hart, Michael Beasley and a future first round draft pick.

Here is a screenshot of the post:

The Facebook page that shared the false claim calls itself “NBA Updates” and uses the official logo of the NBA, which is the men’s professional basketball league in the North America.

It has more than 50,000 followers.  

Durant has continued to play for the Warriors following the false post, as can be seen in this November 24 game against the Sacramento Kings.

On November 26, 10 days after the false post, neither team had made any announcement about a trade. Durant is still on the Warriors’ roster, while Hart and Beasley are still part of the Lakers' team.

Durant signed a contract to stay with the warriors this season. Here is an AFP report on that deal.