No, this news clip does not say Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto is 'superior to' his opponent

A video posted to Instagram, which has been viewed tens of thousands times, purports to show a Bloomberg news report saying that Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto is "superior to" his opponent, President Joko Widodo. The claim is false; the video is a Bloomberg news programme from February 2018 that reported the possibility of Subianto entering the 2019 election. It did not say that Subianto was “superior to” Widodo or leading him in opinion polls. 

This video, which has been viewed more than 89,000 times on Instagram since it was posted on April 11, has a caption that says: "Good evening friends. We have news from abroad. Enjoy. I found it hard to translate what they say in the clip because they speak very quickly. But it primarily says that Prabowo is superior to Jae... That's what the clip basically about." 

Below is a screenshot of the Instagram post:

Screenshot of misleading Instagram post

“Jae” references Widodo. On social media, Subianto supporters frequently refer to the incumbent using the terms “Jae” or “Jaenudin Nachiro”. Here is a December 6, 2018, story on the issue.

The text running across of the bottom of the video says in English: "SUBIANTO MAY ENTER INDONESIAN RACE." 

Entering that text into a Google search, AFP traced the clip back to this February 27, 2018, footage posted on the Bloomberg website. 

The exact same footage that is used in the misleading Instagram post appears in the original Bloomberg report from 0:07 to 1:04. 

Below is a side-by-side comparison of screenshots of the video in the misleading Instagram post and the actual Bloomberg clip:

Screenshot of the misleading Instagram post (L) and the genuine video on the Bloomberg website (R)

Neither the original Bloomberg report not the clip in the misleading Instagram post say that Subianto "is superior to" Widodo. 

The newscaster says: “Former general Prabowo Subianto may enter the race in Indonesia, which would be a rerun of the bitter 2014 race won by Joko Widodo.” 

The Indonesian word "unggul" used in the Instagram caption can also be translated to "leading ahead of".

The news program does not mention any survey putting the challenger ahead of the incumbent.

Subianto and Widodo are running in the presidential election on April 17, 2019. Here is the election commission’s website that lists the candidates.