No, this image does not show the remains of Noah’s Ark

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An Indonesian Facebook post shared an image it claimed showed the remains of Noah’s Ark. A reverse image search found the picture is a stock photo taken by Getty Images and is of an abandoned fishing boat in the United Kingdom.

The picture, posted to Facebook on September 16, shows a broken wooden boat on what appears to be a vessel launching track.

The image, shared on Islamic Facebook group BERITA ISLAMI, carries a caption that reads: “Remains of Prophet Nuh’s [Noah’s] Ark. Say Subhanallah [Praise to the God]. May God bless you in abundance.”

The ark is mentioned in the Bible as the vessel that carried Noah, his family and a variety of animals, sparing them from a flood.

The post has drawn 4,800 reactions and 1,000 comments which mostly say “Praise to the God.”

Using reverse image search engine TinEye, AFP identified the photo as one taken by Getty Images which gives “Dungeness, United Kingdom” as its location.

The photo appeared in a 2015 article by The Guardian which said it was the remains of a wooden fishing boat on Dungeness Estate in Kent, England.

The stock photograph has been widely used in stories which mention Noah's ark.