Fulton County election workers examine ballots in Atlanta, Georgia on November 5, 2020 (AFP / Tami Chappell)

False claims about Georgia ballot issues circulate online

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Social media posts claim that there are tens of thousands of ballots in Georgia’s DeKalb County that have issues needing to be fixed, or “cured.” This is false; the county’s election board said the number was around 200 as of November 4, 2020.

“There are tens of thousands of rejected mail-in ballots in DeKalb County, GA where we are locked in a battle for the state’s electoral votes. The number is as high as 40,000,” says a November 4 Facebook post.

“Here’s the thing: The errors can be CURED, but that has to happen by Friday or they will be tossed (mismatch signature, etc.),” the post says.

A screenshot of a Facebook post taken on November 5, 2020

With Donald Trump and Joe Biden locked in a close race for the White House, Georgia has become a battleground state and it looks like being decided by a razor-thin margin.

The claim of a large number of ballots with problems in DeKalb County also appears on Facebook here and Instagram here and here. But it is false.

“Voters: there is incorrect info circulating regarding the number of DeKalb ballots that need to be cured by Friday,” the DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections tweeted on November 4.

“Currently, there are approximately 200 ballots that need to be cured and each voter is being contacted via phone or overnight mail,” it said.

A screenshot of a tweet taken on November 5, 2020

The board did not answer a call seeking an updated figure on November 5.

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