Video of Indiana Jones stunt show falsely shared as 'soldier killed by plane propeller'

A clip of a performance at a US theme park was shared with a false claim that it showed a soldier killed by a plane propeller. The edited video in fact showed a scene from an Indiana Jones-themed show at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

"The moment when a soldier was killed by the propeller of a taxiing plane," read the Indonesian-language text in this Facebook video.

The video shows the propeller of a plane moving towards a man before becoming partially pixelated. It has been viewed more than 2.1 million times since it was posted on June 20, 2024. 

The caption read, "his body was destroyed," while an Indonesian religious song about death plays in the background.

Screenshot of the false post, captured on July 1, 2024

Other videos showing the scene were also posted on the short video platform SnackVideo here, here, and here along with the same false claim, racking up more than 38,000 views.

Some users appeared to believe the claim to be true.

"O God, forgive us," one user wrote.

"That is horrible," another commented.

However, the claim is false. The clip showed a performance at a theme park in the United States.

Stunt show

A reverse image search on Google found a longer version of the video uploaded to YouTube on February 28, 2023 with a title that read "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - Full Show 2023" (archived link).

The video was published by a channel called WDW Magazine -- which describes itself on its website as an outlet that updates on "the latest from Disney parks around the globe" (archived link).

The clip's caption also says it shows a performance at Disney's Hollywood Studios, which is located in Orlando in the United States. 

The scene in the edited video can be seen at the 25:35 mark of WDW Magazine's clip.

It showed the actor falling into an escape chute as he was about to be hit by the propeller.

He was not blurred out or pixelated in the video in any way. 

Below is a screenshot comparison between the clip shared in the false post (left) and the video uploaded by WDW Magazine (right):

Comparison between the video shared in the misinformation post (left) and the video shared by WDW Magazine (right)

Disney's website indicates the performance can be seen at the Hollywood Studios (archived link). 

Alamy, a stock photo and video agency, has also published photos showing the performance here and here, where a plane similar to that in the false video can be seen (archived here and here).

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