KitchenAid recall rumors are false

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Social media posts claim KitchenAid has recalled stand mixers with white paddle and hook attachments for containing "extreme amounts of lead." This is false; neither the company nor US regulators have announced such a safety recall.

"ATTENTION: Anyone who has a KitchenAid Mixer with a white paddle and hook attachments. Stop using it immediately! It contains extreme amounts of lead!!" says a January 23, 2023 Facebook post, which includes a phone number for requesting replacement parts.

Screenshot of a Facebook post taken January 31, 2023

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But the claims are false -- KitchenAid, a division of Whirlpool Corporation, has made no such announcement.

"There are no recalls for KitchenAid products," a Whirlpool spokesperson confirmed in a January 27 email.

Neither the company nor the US Consumer Product Safety Commission mentions a recall of KitchenAid mixers or related accessories on their websites.

"It is a fact that aluminum alloys can contain trace levels of impurities, but there is no recall of these accessories for that reason," Whirlpool told AFP. "KitchenAid follows lead safety guidance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Act and the European Commission."

The spokesperson added that each mixer accessory "is also tested for lead content to ensure it is safe."

Lead is a toxic, naturally occurring heavy metal. Exposure to large amounts -- especially in young children -- can lead to health problems.

The World Health Organization says on its website that there is no safe blood level concentration for lead. However, small amounts of lead can be found in water, cosmetics, food and supplements.

The FDA places some limits on lead in food and utensils to prevent consumer exposure. But the agency says manufacturers are responsible for minimizing and preventing harmful levels of lead in their products.

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