False posts claiming 'seven babies born to the same mother' circulate in Bangladesh

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Bengali-language Facebook posts have repeatedly shared images of seven babies alongside the claim that a single woman gave birth to them in a hospital in southeastern Bangladesh. But this claim is false -- a representative for the hospital told AFP the babies were born to seven different mothers. Local media also reported that the babies were born to seven mothers. 

Three images were shared here on Facebook on May 28 alongside a caption that translates as: "A mother has given birth to seven children together in Hathazari, Chattogram.

"Thanks to the Almighty! The mother and children are all healthy, everyone please pray for the children."

A similar Facebook post was shared more than 200 times here, while another user also shared the false claim here.

However, a reverse search for the images on Google found that they were originally featured in the posts published here on May 26, on the Facebook account of Upazila Health Complex in Hathazari.

The caption to the images shared by the hospital states in part: "A caesarean section was completed successfully on May 25th, 2022. At the end of the operation, both the mother and the newborn are in good health."

The hospital added that "a total of six natural birth deliveries were completed at the Hathazari Upazila health complex from 6pm yesterday to 6am today."

Responding to the false posts, Dr Surajit Dutta, a local health official at the hospital, told AFP: "Seven different women gave birth to these children.

"As natural birth deliveries are rare nowadays, the birth of six babies without caesarean operation in 12 hours made headlines in some media." 

Below are screenshot comparisons of the images featured in one of the false posts (left) and the photos shared by the hospital (right):

The Daily Jugantor, a Bangladesh-based newspaper, reported on the births here on May 26 and featured one of the photos shared in the posts. The online site of Bangladesh-based broadcaster News24 also reported on the seven babies being born to seven mothers here on the same day.