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No, Pope Francis did not order white women to breed with Muslims

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Online reports claim that Pope Francis issued an order in an interview with a French newspaper for white women to breed with Muslims.  A review of the transcript on the newspaper’s website shows he made no such order, nor is there any public record of him issuing it at any other time. claimed the Pope told French Catholic newspaper La Croix in a May 2016 interview that white women should “breed” with Muslims to reverse a declining birth rate in Europe.

The article has been shared nearly 8,000 times on Facebook and there are multiple other reports making the same claim.

The article provided this link back to La Croix’s English translation of the interview.

However the transcript shows the Pope does not call on Europeans, nor white women, to “breed” with Muslims. The transcript shows the Pope did not even use the word “breed” in the interview.

The Pope has not made any such comments elsewhere, according to an extensive online search.

Vatican Insider has written a report highlighting how Pope Francis is a frequent target of false stories and manipulated photos, ranging from ties to Latin American dictators and Freemasons to scandals and gaffes.