No, this is not a video of Indian Army soldiers skydiving

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A video that has been viewed more than 11 million times since it was posted on Facebook March 6, 2018, claims to show Indian soldiers performing skydiving stunts. The footage is actually from California in 2015 when 202 skydivers from around the world set new world record for largest formation skydive.

The video has been repeatedly posted on social media, including here where it has been shared more than 300,000 times and viewed 11 million times in the 10 months since it was published by a Hindi-language Facebook page.

The video has also been shared by multiple other Facebook users, for example here and here, and on YouTube here

Screenshot of the misleading post

The misleading Facebook posts have a caption in Hindi which says: “We are proud of the Indian Army. A land where courageous men like Maharana Pratap (a revered 16th century warrior king) are born. Army soldiers are sure to have valour running through their veins.” 

The official Facebook page of the Indian Army is tagged in the caption.

The footage is actually from September 28, 2015, when 202 skydivers from nearly 30 different countries set a new record above Southern California.

The jumpers grabbed each other’s arms and legs and created a giant lattice-like configuration at some 7,000 feet.

Here is footage of the original event on an Italian television channel’s website.

The same video footage was also uploaded on Vimeo in 2015:

Here are screenshots from the original 2015 video footage of the skydiving record and the footage used in the misleading Facebook post.

Screenshot of the original post
Screenshot of the misleading post

The skydivers are clearly wearing the same clothes and the ground underneath them is identical -- with a distinctive pattern of roads, fields, and mountains clearly identifiable in both.

Here is another video of the 2015 event from a different angle, showing the same distinctive markers.

There were multiple media reports in 2015 covering the skydiving world record, for example here on ABC news and here on Global news Canada.