No, this is not footage of hurricane devastation in Canada

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A video which purports to show a storm causing widespread destruction in Canada is circulating widely on social media. The video is actually made up of clips from the 2014 Warner Brothers disaster film “Into the storm”.

The video has been shared by multiple Facebook users in Pakistan, India, and Malaysia and viewed thousands of times since it was posted late November.

It is captioned: “The hurricane in Toronto, Canada, was even rolled up at the airport. Terrible! China National Geographic magazine bought $1 million to buy this video, don't miss the opportunity to watch!”

Here is the video in the misleading Facebook post: 

The storms shown in the clips are not hurricanes, they are tornados, according to NASA information.

A reverse image search found the video in the Facebook posts is made up of a series of clips from the 2014 Warner Brothers movie “Into the storm”. 

The official trailer of the movie -- from which AFP has taken screenshot for side by side comparison with the misleading Facebook post -- can be seen here on Warner Brothers' official YouTube channel. 

At minute 1:29 in the misleading Facebook video the faces of two people can clearly be seen. The footage is taken from the "Into the Storm" movie, and the people seen are actors Kyle Davis and Jon Reep.

Here is a screenshot from the Facebook video showing actor Kyle Davis (left) and Jon Reep: 

Screenshot from Facebook video showing actor Davis and Reep

Here both Davis and Reep can be seen in a behind-the-scenes shot taken during filming and uploaded to IMDB. 

Screenshot of behind-the-scenes shot of Davis and Reep on IMDB

Both the movie and the footage in the misleading Facebook post contain the same scene of parked passenger airplanes being blown away by the storm.

Here are screenshots taken from the misleading Facebook post (which is on the left) and the original movie (on the right) side by side:

Screenshot of misleading Facebook post (Screenshot of misleading Facebook post )
Screenshot of original movie



Here are some more comparisons between the misleading Facebook clip and the “Into the Storm” film which clearly show that the footage is identical and that the video in the misleading Facebook post has been taken from the film:


Screenshot of misleading Facebook post
Screenshot of original movie



Screenshot of misleading Facebook post
Screenshot of original movie