A “laxative prank” video is actually a fictional scene from a TV series

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A post shared hundreds of thousands of times online claims that a bullied pupil spiked drinks at his school with a strong laxative to take revenge on his classmates. The text is false - the video is taken from a Netflix series

Panicked school children suffer attacks of acute diarrhoea in a school canteen in images of gruesome detail apparently shot on a cell phone.

The video was posted on numerous social media accounts, with some users expressing horror that the messy prank actually took place.

“A school kid put laxative for horse in the cool drinks at school with the below results. Because they does bully him,” read one accompanying post.

As many others pointed out, the images were nothing to do with revenge for bullying, but an extract from the Netflix-produced series American Vandal.

The diarrhoea sequence is part of the official trailer for the second series of what is billed as a “true crime satire”.