First Lady Jill Biden carries a sprig of the White House Christmas Tree on November 22, 2021, during the arrival of the tree to the White House in Washington, DC ( AFP / Jim Watson)

Jill Biden attended White House Christmas Tree arrival

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A Facebook post claims Jill Biden was not present when the official 2021 Christmas Tree was delivered to the White House. This is false; news reports, including AFP's coverage of the event, show the First Lady greeting the tree's arrival.

"Jill Biden was NOT at the WH receiving any Christmas Tree today. Dont believe it," a November 22, 2021 Facebook post says.

A screenshot of a Facebook post taken on November 23, 2021

The post is found on a Facebook page that has more than 14,000 followers. A woman has been regularly posting live videos to the page while walking around the nation's capital, repeating baseless QAnon conspiracy theories, including that Donald Trump will be reinstated as president.

In a video posted on November 21, for example, she shows Christmas trees near the entrance of the White House and references former first lady Melania Trump saying: "We know that Melania has excellent taste and she'll handle that beautifully, so I can't wait to see that!"

But it was First Lady Jill Biden who was present for the arrival of the official tree in front of the White House on November 22, 2021 as shown in multiple AFP images and a video clip of the ceremony.

First Lady Jill Biden waves during the arrival of the White House Christmas Tree on November 22, 2021 ( AFP / JIM WATSON)

A video of the arrival is also available on the non-profit public service network C-SPAN, here.

The choosing and send-off ceremony of the tree from "Peak Farms," in North Carolina were also covered by local news reports here and here.

The "19-foot tall Fraser fir" is the third tree that the farm has provided to the White House, according to the reports -- following Christmas Trees during the George W. Bush presidency in 2008 and the Obamas in 2012, as well as the Christmas Tree for the residence of former Vice President Mike Pence in 2018.

The tree will be displayed in the Blue Room of the White House, per the tradition.