This video was filmed in Australia and has circulated in posts about anti-lockdown protests

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A video of police chasing people in a park has been shared in multiple social media posts that claim it shows forced vaccinations in Israel. The claim is false: the clip was in fact filmed in Australia. It has circulated in reports about police clashing with protesters at an anti-lockdown march in Sydney.

"A scene where the authorities are forcing vaccination on people in Israel," reads the Korean-language caption to this video posted on August 31 on Naver Blog.

The video shows police officers chasing several people and tackling them to the ground in a park.

Text superimposed on the footage reads, "Mobile task unit forcing vaccines on unvaccinated citizens."

Screenshot of the misleading Naver Blog post, taken on September 6, 2021.

The video was also shared in similar posts here, here and here.

However, the claim is false.

A Google reverse image search on a screenshot of the clip found the same footage posted here on July 24 on video-sharing platform Brand New Tube.


Around 23 seconds into the video, a female voice off-camera can be heard saying, "This is Victoria Park in Broadway... the protest hasn't started yet".

A search on Google Street View found the scene in the video (below left) corresponds to this location in Victoria Park in Sydney (right). Broadway is a nearby street.

Screenshot comparison between the scene in the misleading Naver Blog post (L) and the Google Street View of Victoria Park in Sydney (R).

A similar scene of police arresting protesters at Victoria Park can be seen at 00:38 and 02:43 of a video clip posted here on YouTube by 7 News Australia on July 24.

A news report linked to the 7 News Australia's YouTube clip reads in part: "Protesters are massing in capital cities around Australia to object to lockdowns prompted by COVID-19.

"Thousands of angry, unmasked people marched from inner Sydney's Victoria Park to Town Hall in the central business district on Saturday."

A caption of one of the images cited in the report also reads: "Protesters are arrested by police at Victoria Park on Broadway during the 'World Wide Rally For Freedom' anti-lockdown rally at Hyde Park in Sydney, Saturday, July 24, 2021."

Other local media outlets have also reported the July 24 anti-lockdown protests in Australia, including ABC News and the Sydney Morning Herald.