This video shows vaccination cards made by a Malaysian printing company and not sanctioned by the government

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A video is circulating on Facebook and TikTok along with a claim that it shows Covid-19 vaccination cards that are "original certificates" for vaccinated people in Malaysia. The claim is misleading. A Malaysian printing company confirms that they took the video to promote their card-printing service. The agency in charge of the vaccine rollout in Malaysia says the government does not issue "physical vaccination certificates" for those who have completed their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The one-minute, 10-second video was posted on July 23, 2021, on Facebook here.

Translated from Malaysian to English, the caption states: “Whoever has been vaccinated, this is your ID CARD, the original certificate is easy to carry anywhere, ready with whichever brand you have been vaccinated with at that time.. hope my fate is [to receive] the same brand later”.

Screenshot of the misleading Facebook post taken on July 29, 2021

The woman's voice in the video says: "OK, this is the ready ID card, standard size like that [inaudible] card, easy to carry anywhere. This is the original certificate that we print from MySejahtera. So, it will print according to what the certificate owner received, whether it's Pfizer, Sinovac, Astrazeneca, it'll follow."

The video has been viewed more than 198,000 times after it was also shared with a similar claim in Malaysian here and here, as well as in Chinese here.

It also appeared with a similar claim on TikTok here and here.

The claim is misleading.

A keyword search on Facebook found the same video on Facebook here, posted by Binalia Printing & Trading, a company in the Malaysian state of Selangor, on July 23, 2021.

The post's caption reads: "To those out there
*Certificate printed by your my sejahtera only
*Not allowed to ask for edit at all
*Can be printed to those who finished two doses only
Disclaimer: we do not take RESERVATIONS for cards to enter heaven or anti vaccine cards

MySejahtera is the official Covid-19 contact tracing mobile application from the Malaysian government. Its functions include tracing close contacts, showing results of the user's past Covid-19 tests and keeping their vaccination record.

When contacted by AFP on August 6, 2021, Binalia Printing & Trading confirmed that the video and the card design are theirs.

The company said customers can also ask for a customised design, such as printing their photos on one side of the card.

The company added, "The most important thing is that the back is printed with the original certificate from MySejahtera."

Binalia Printing & Trading also posted a photo of the plastic vaccination cards on the same day here, saying the cards will be "easier to carry anywhere".

The Special Committee for Ensuring Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV), which is in charge of the Covid-19 vaccine programme in Malaysia, tweeted this on July 23, 2021.

The tweet says: "There is no physical vaccination certificate. There’s only the digital certificate on MySejahtera and the vaccination card received at the PPV. You will also be able to print your digital certificate soon."

The "vaccination card" mentioned in the tweet is a paper card filled in by hand by medical professionals at the vaccination centres, like this or this.

Khairy Jamaluddin, the Malaysian science, technology and innovation minister and co-chair of JKJAV, also gave the same explanation in a press conference on the same day here.