This video has been edited -- US charity says it will continue to grant 'wishes' to unvaccinated children

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Multiple social media posts shared in June 2021 claim a US charity that grants "wishes" to critically ill children will no longer reward them if they are unvaccinated against Covid-19. The claim is misleading: the posts shared an edited video from the charity's CEO in which he outlined vaccination requirements for rewards that involve air travel and large gatherings. The charity told AFP that its Covid-19 vaccine policy will not apply to children who have received an end-of-life prognosis.

The misleading Facebook post about US charity Make-A-Wish was published here on June 28, 2021.

"WE’VE [REACHED] A NEW LOW. I always wondered what level of madness was required before ordinary citizens would engage in ACTS OF PURE EVIL," the text below the image reads.

"When Make-a-Wish forces terminally ill kids & their families to be injected with an experimental genetic agent otherwise they’ll discriminate against and refuse a dying child their last wish, even though the W.H.O recommends not injecting children - we have reached that point."

The post's caption reads: "How low can humanity go?! Really low!! I recon (sic) there is lower tho (sic)...prove me wrong humans".

A screenshot of the post as of July 27, 2021.

A YouTube video has been shared in the Facebook post.

It is titled: "Make-A-Wish will only grant certain wishes to fully vaccinated wish kids".

However, the video is no longer available on YouTube as the user's account has been terminated.

Other instances of the claim appear on Facebook here and here, as well as on Twitter here and Telegram here.

However, the claim is misleading.

Edited video

A reverse image search of the archived version of the YouTube video in the misleading posts found this original video dated June 10, 2021.

It features Make-A-Wish America CEO Richard Davis speaking about updates to the charity's Covid-19 policies.

In March 2020, the charity postponed all "wishes" that involved major travel due to the pandemic.

In the two-minute, 22-second video, Davis says all participants for "wishes" involving air travel within the US and large gatherings must be fully vaccinated from September 15, 2021.

Davis' announcement can be seen below:

“We respect everyone’s freedom of choice,” Davis says in the full video, in which he also acknowledges that some children may be too young or too ill to be vaccinated.

“We can’t wait until Sept. 15, when we can expand the types of life-changing wishes we can grant.”

Charity statement

In a June 28 statement on its website, the charity said it "has not, does not and will not deny wishes to children who are not vaccinated."

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, Make-A-Wish has safely granted over 6,500 wishes to children and families – regardless of vaccination status. Make-A-Wish will continue to grant wishes to children who are not vaccinated," the statement reads.

The vaccine policy does not apply to children who have received an end-of-life prognosis, according to the statement.

The charity said it would not require anyone to get vaccinated in order to receive a wish.