Filipino doctor rejects imposter Facebook pages promoting magnetic underwear

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Facebook pages have surfaced in the Philippines impersonating popular doctor Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Tiwaquen to sell magnetic underwear that purportedly increases penis size. Tiwaquen said he did not endorse the garment, which medics said cannot enlarge the male genitalia.

The post touting the product was shared by a Facebook page called "Dr. Kilimanguru".

It shows photos of underwear that it says can increase penis size to 18 to 20 centimetres (seven inches) alongside a picture of Filipino physician Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Tiwaquen.

Known widely in the Philippines as Dr. Kilimanguru, he found fame by posting humorous videos giving medical advice on Facebook, where he has more than 3.8 million followers.

"Can this Japanese magnetic underwear really increase physiological ability, size and love-making time? Yes!" reads the Tagalog-language post, which was shared on February 15.

It links to a "buy 1 get 2" promotional sale offering the garment for 1,399 pesos ($25).

Screenshot of the false post taken on February 22, 2023.

The same photos circulated on another Facebook page impersonating Dr. Kilimanguru here and here.

Some Facebook users appeared to believe the posts showed the physician endorsing the product.

"Doc, how much is it?" read one comment.

"Thank you doc for this wonderful advice!" another wrote.

Fake endorsement

Dr. Kilimanguru's genuine Facebook page features a blue verification badge -- unlike the imposter accounts.

Below is a screenshot comparison of one of the imposter accounts (left) and his official page (right):

Screenshot comparison of the imposter account (left) and Tawiquen's official page (right).

He said Facebook pages advertising the magnetic underwear misused his image.

"I am not endorsing this product. All my endorsements are strictly posted on my one and only official and verified Facebook page," Tiwaquen told AFP on February 21.

He added that magnetic underwear cannot enlarge a penis.

"Magnetic underwear cannot increase the size of the male genitalia nor can any method do so. The size is predetermined by genetics," he said.

Quezon City-based urologist Dr Alexandre Arabia also said that size and length of the male genitalia "mostly depend on race and genetics".

"Since time immemorial, men have been obsessed with increasing the size of their genitalia and this has been a good business for some," he told AFP.

AFP has previously debunked various methods touted as ways to enlarge penis size, including unregistered oil and herbal remedies.

The US-based Urological Care Foundation said that numerous promotions for methods to increase penis size "almost never work".

According to its website, surgery can be performed "if medically necessary" but patients should be aware of side effects, including erectile dysfunction.

"If you want to consider penile augmentation, please talk with your urologist/andrologist," it says.