This photo was shot in the Philippines and does not show a rally for ousted Pakistan PM Imran Khan

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After a rally by Pakistan's ousted leader Imran Khan in the northeastern city of Sialkot, a photo was shared hundreds of times on social media alongside a claim it shows a massive crowd at the event. However, the photo has been shared in a false context; it was shot in the Philippines and has circulated in reports about an election rally in March 2022 -- two months before Khan's Sialkot rally.

The aerial shot of a huge crowd -- shared more than 400 times -- was posted here on Twitter on May 15, 2022.

"Sialkot's sea of people. This nation won't be afraid of violence, coercion and threats. If Imran Khan was wrong then the current government should prove it through their actions. Otherwise, this nation will prove you wrong," reads the Urdu-language tweet.

Screenshot of the false Twitter post taken May 17, 2022

Cricket star turned politician Imran Khan was removed as Pakistan's prime minister through a no-confidence vote in April following weeks of political turmoil.

Khan has since repeatedly railed against his ouster in rallies across the country, often drawing crowds in the thousands.

One of his recent rallies was held in Sialkot on May 14, Pakistan-based newspaper Dawn News reported.

The image was shared in similar misleading posts on Twitter here, here, here and here; and on Facebook here, here, here and here.

It was also shared here by Iftikhar Ali Mashwani, a lawmaker from Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

However, the image has been shared in a false context.

Philippines rally

It has previously circulated in reports about a rally in the Philippine province of Cavite for president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr and his running mate Sara Duterte.

A reverse image search found the photo in this Twitter post by Philippine state broadcaster People's Television Network (PTV) on March 22, 2022.

It is credited to Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (LAKAS-CMD), a political party in the Philippines.

"Drone shot of the UniTeam campaign rally at Gen. Trias Sports Complex, Cavite tonight (March 22)," the Tagalog-language tweet reads in part.

The image in the misleading posts corresponds to the second image (right) in the PTV tweet.

Below is a screenshot comparing the photo in the misleading posts (left) with the one from PTV (right):

Screenshot comparison

PTV also posted the image here on Facebook on the same day, as shown below:

LAKAS-CMD shared this drone footage on March 22 of the same rally on its official Facebook page.

The location mentioned in the reports corresponds to this Google street imagery taken from a highway in General Trias city in Cavite province.

Below is a screenshot comparison of the photo in the misleading posts (left) and the imagery on Google Maps (right) with the corresponding structures highlighted:

Marcos Jr claimed victory in the presidential election on March 11, AFP reported.

AFP has debunked a wave of misinformation following Khan's removal from office.