List of advanced search tips

Main operators

AND ..... OR (must be written in capital letters)

Trump AND China - gives results that only contain both “Trump” and “China”

Trump OR China - gives results that contain either  “Trump” or “China”


Can combine:

Trump AND Venezuela OR China -- will give you results containing "Trump+Venezuela" or "Trump+China" or "Trump+China+Venezuela"

Symbols of advanced searches:

() - Parentheses - groups multiple terms or search operators together

- Minus sign -- excludes things

Ex: Donald Trump -Melania -- will get you results containing Donald Trump but NOT Melania

* - Asterisk (wildcard) --  tells the search engine that there is unknown text

ex -- "Saint * Street" Boston -- tells a search engine to look for streets names "Saint something" in Boston

.. -- two dots -- signals there is a range between numbers

ex -- Ford Taurus $1000..$3000 -- tells a search engine to look for pages with text “Ford Taurus” and a price range between $1000 and $3000

ex -- murder victims 2000..2005 -- tells a search engine to look for pages with the text “murder victims” and years between 2000 and 2005


ex -- croissants -- will search the afp website for mentions of croissants

ex -- “fresh croissants on Fridays” -- will search the website for pages containng that exact phrase


ex -- filetype:pdf -- will search the afp website for pdf files

ex -- filetype:pdf confidential -- will search the cia website for pdf files marked confidential


ex -- inurl:bananahammock -- searches for pages that include “bananahammock” in the url 


ex -- allinurl:bananahammock gross -- searches for “bannanahammock” and “gross”


ex -- -- searches for websites that have similar content as


ex -- prefer:roses -- fine-tunes a search by giving preference to word “roses”


ex -- -- shows your the latest cached version of the website


ex -- intitle:iphone -- finds pages with “iphone” in the title


ex -- allintitle:iphone junk -- finds pages with both “iphone” and “junk” in the title


ex -- intext:iphone -- finds pages with "iphone" in the text 


ex -- allintext:iphone apple -- finds pages with ALL of the specified words in the content, so in this case both "iphone" and "apple"

AROUND (x)-- finds pages with two words or phrases within X words of each other

ex -- pathetic AROUND(4) loser -- will find pages where “pathetic” and “loser” are within four words of each other

Tips for Twitter/Tweetdeck searches

a more exhaustive list is available here and in tweetdeck under 'settings/search tips:

from:@EmmanuelMacron - find tweets only from Emmanuel Macron

from: @EmmanuelMacron Brexit - tweets from Emmanuel Macron containing Brexit (if you use one word, you don’t need quotation marks, but include them if you search for two words -- so from:@EmmanuelMacron “Donald Trump” will get you tweets from Emmanuel Macron containing phrase "Donald Trump")

from:@EmmanuelMacron “Brexit rocks” -- tweets from Emmanuel Macron containing the exact phrase “Brexit rocks” 

to:EmmanuelMacron -- tweets sent in reply to the EmmanuelMacron twitter acct

list:EmmanuelMacron/restos-favoris -- tweets sent from a twitter account in EmmanuelMacron list “restos-favoris”

pathetic loser -- tweets containing both the word “pathetic” and “loser” but not necessarily together

“pathetic loser” - tweets containing the exact phrase “pathetic loser”

#DonaldTrump - tweets containing the hashtag

@DonaldTrump - tweets mentioning the account DonaldTrump

Filter - includes certain things

ex -- Taco filter:media -- tweets that mention “taco” and that have an image or video

ex -- Taco -filter:media -- tweets that mention “taco” but not those that include images or video

Filter:safe -- shows only tweets not marked as potentially sensitive

ex -- Pedophilia filter:safe -- shows tweets containing pedophilia, with those marked as potentially sensitive removed

ex -- Pedophilia filter:retweets -- shows tweets containing pedophilia that have been retweeted

ex -- Pedophilia -filter:retweets -- shows tweets containing pedophilia, but removes those that have been retweeted

ex -- Pedophilia filter:links -- contains pedophilia and a link to a url

ex -- cats filter:periscope -- contains cats and periscope videos (so videos that have been broadcast live)

ex -- cats filter:native_video -- contains “cats” and uploaded video (so not necessarily live) 

ex -- from:DonaldTrump filter:media -filter:images -- will get you tweets from @DonaldTrump with media except images



So if you want to find something within 5 miles of Aspen, Colorado:


“39.191629, -106.819818

Dates and engagement -- easiest to conduct these searches within the "advanced search" on Twitter or in Tweetdeck