This is not the official Twitter account of the Romanian Football Federation

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A screenshot of a tweet has been shared in multiple Facebook posts which claim it shows the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) criticising South Korean broadcaster MBC for mocking a Romanian player. The claim is false: the Twitter account holder has publicly dismissed its connection with the FRF, and the federation operates its Twitter account under a different username. No reports or statements can be found to show that the federation has publicly criticised MBC.

The claim was shared here on Facebook on July 26, 2021. 

"You better be careful when you visit Romania. If anyone asks if you are Korean, just tell them you are from either Japan or China," reads the post's Korean-language caption. 

Screenshot of the misleading Facebook post, taken on August 3, 2021. ( AFP)

This was shared alongside a screenshot of a tweet from the Twitter username "RoFtbl", which reads: "South Korean public broadcasting station MBC mocked Marius Marin's moment of shame with a message 'Thank you Marin, own goal'."

The post linked the "RoFtbl" Twitter account and the FRF with superimposed Korean-language text that reads: "The Romanian Football Federation, 'South Koreans public broadcaster MBC mocked us'."

MBC broadcast a caption saying "Thank you Marin," a reference to Romanian defender Marius Marin, who scored an own goal in an Olympics football match against South Korea, on July 25, 2021, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Since then, some South Koreans online have cited the tweet screenshot to claim the FRF publicly criticised MBC via its Twitter account. 

An identical screenshot with similar claims has been shared on Facebook here and here.

However, the Twitter account seen in the misleading Facebook post is not the official Twitter account of the Romanian Football Federation.

The account holder of Twitter "RoFtbl" has publicly denied any connection with the federation.

In response to a question, "Is this the official Romanian Football Association," the admin of the Twitter account said on July 26 2021: "No that would be FRF (".

According to the official website of the FRF, or Federatia Romana De Fotbal, its official username on Twitter is "hai_romania".

No reports or statements can be found on either the federation's website or official Twitter account to show that it has publicly criticised MBC.