Who are we?

AFP draws on its worldwide network of journalists for contributions to its fact-checking blogs. 

Here are members of the English-language fact-checking editorial team:

Sophie Nicholson, Deputy head of social media and fact-checking, Paris

Cat Barton, Head of Fact Check Asia, Hong Kong

Rachel Blundy, Asia Fact Check editor, Hong Kong

Yenni Kwok, Asia Fact Check editor, Hong Kong

Esther Chan, Asia Fact Check editor, Sydney

AFP Fact Check Asia debunks misleading content from all across the Asia Pacific region and has dedicated fact check reporters in: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka​

Marisha Goldhamer, North America Fact Check editor, Washington DC

Louis Baudoin Laarman, Canada fact checker, Montreal

Nina Lamparski, Head of Fact Check Africa, Paris

Gaelle Faure, Deputy head of Fact Check Africa, Paris

Brett Horner, Africa Fact Check editor, Johannesburg

AFP Fact Check Africa works across the continent and has dedicated fact check reporters in: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia.