Who are we?

AFP draws on its worldwide network of journalists for contributions to its fact-checking blogs. 

Here are members of the English-language fact-checking editorial team:

Sophie Nicholson, Global fact-checking editor, Paris

Karl Malakunas, Asia fact-checking editor, Hong Kong 

Cat Barton, Asia fact-checking editor, Hong Kong

Rachel Blundy, Asia fact-checking editor, Hong Kong

Yenni Kwok, Asia fact-checking editor, Hong Kong

Asia Pacific fact-checking bureaus: Manila, Jakarta, New Delhi, Islamabad, Sydney

Marisha Goldhamer, North America fact-checking editor, Washington DC

Louis Baudoin Laarman, Canada fact checker, Montreal

Katy Lee, Africa fact-checking editor, Paris

Africa fact-checking bureaus: Nairobi, Lagos, Johannesburg