This video shows an Iraqi mosque attacked by American troops

Published on 18/03/2021 at 09:55

This photo has circulated since October 2020 in reports about a Yemini boy who was assaulted by his father

Published on 18/03/2021 at 04:26

Sheikh Mohammed did not say great-grandson 'will be back on a camel' in 2014 interview

Published on 12/03/2021 at 06:13

This video shows an aviation photographer documenting a 2020 air show in Saudi Arabia

Published on 09/03/2021 at 09:48

This ‘halal beer’ image is from a German satire website

Published on 05/03/2021 at 12:21

This video shows soldiers performing a stunt at a 2016 military parade in Iran

Published on 08/02/2021 at 11:22

This video is from an India-Pakistan cricket game in Dubai in September 2018

Updated on 29/01/2021 at 09:32

US government document shared alongside false claim that Obama 'funded Al-Qaeda'

Published on 22/01/2021 at 10:11

These photos show a doctor in Yemen offering free services from his car during the pandemic

Updated on 27/04/2021 at 16:47

This image of the Burj Khalifa has been doctored – the original does not show a projection of Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma

Published on 24/11/2020 at 04:37

This video has circulated in reports about supermarket workers disposing of spoiled dairy products in Saudi Arabia

Published on 23/11/2020 at 06:22

This clip is not related to the 2020 US election -- it shows spoiled chicken being dumped in Saudi Arabia

Published on 12/11/2020 at 03:38

This video shows a street named after Indonesian President Joko Widodo in UAE

Published on 29/10/2020 at 07:00

No, these photos actually show a scene from a Syrian television drama series

Published on 27/10/2020 at 08:40

This video shows a crowd at a store opening in Saudi Arabia in 2019

Published on 06/10/2020 at 11:55