Photos are not from Qatar but show a man hugging a woman at the 2018 Russia World Cup

Published on 29/11/2022 at 16:14

Posts falsely claim Qatar banned German football team from landing because of plane’s pro-diversity logo

Published on 29/11/2022 at 11:39

Old clip recirculates with false claim it shows 'Qatar World Cup stadium fire'

Published on 28/11/2022 at 09:18

Video shows Muslims offering prayers in Russian stadium, not at Qatar World Cup

Published on 23/11/2022 at 08:55

Posts share old footage to falsely claim 'four men converted to Islam at Qatar World Cup'

Published on 22/11/2022 at 10:28

Video shows Koran recital at stadium ceremony one year before Qatar World Cup

Updated on 25/11/2022 at 13:32

Photos show ex-Philippine VP Leni Robredo in Manila hotel, not in Saudi Arabia

Updated on 21/11/2022 at 08:20

False posts show photo of Russian TV presenter, not Ukrainian first lady

Updated on 27/10/2022 at 05:27

The 'hair flag' is artwork created by Belgian artist in 2014 -- years before the 2022 protests in Iran

Updated on 15/10/2022 at 05:43

Video shows Canada protest against Iran's government, not Iranians 'celebrating supreme leader's death'

Published on 11/10/2022 at 04:38

Video shows protesters torching statue of late Iranian cleric, not supreme leader

Published on 11/10/2022 at 04:36

Clip from Azerbaijan TV series shared as 'father mourning daughter killed by Iranian police'

Updated on 07/10/2022 at 06:08

Old photos of different Tehran rallies falsely shared as 'Iran's pro-hijab protests in 2022'

Updated on 05/10/2022 at 08:13

Photo of Afghan teen misrepresented as 'Saddam Hussein's grandson'

Updated on 30/09/2022 at 11:51

Footage shows Afghanistan, Pakistan cricket fans fighting in 2019, not at 2022 Asia Cup

Published on 27/09/2022 at 11:54