Airlines in Spain and Russia have not 'warned Covid vaccinated people not to fly'

Published on 25/05/2022 at 06:14

This clip does not show Russian missiles in Ukraine -- it was taken from a video game

Published on 23/05/2022 at 05:29

Crimea arrest footage shared in false reports of 'US general detained in Ukraine'

Updated on 20/05/2022 at 09:50

Photo of US traffic edited to add illustration of Vladimir Putin with Imran Khan

Published on 17/05/2022 at 07:16

Pfizer documents do not reveal dangers of Covid-19 vaccine

Published on 16/05/2022 at 17:25

This visual effects video does not show 'Russia's vacuum bomb attack in Ukraine'

Updated on 06/07/2022 at 06:07

Posts falsely claim Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine dangerous during pregnancy

Published on 11/05/2022 at 20:44

London bus ad with Pakistan founder is from publicity campaign before Imran Khan became PM

Published on 11/05/2022 at 05:04

Social media posts mislead on vaccination programme pause in Denmark

Updated on 10/05/2022 at 09:50

Article misrepresents study on Arctic ice to question climate change

Published on 06/05/2022 at 20:28

Undamaged windows are not evidence of staged Ukraine violence

Updated on 06/05/2022 at 15:25

Video of mannequin shows TV drama, not Ukraine 'faking dead bodies' in Bucha

Updated on 29/04/2022 at 10:40

This video does not show dead Russian soldiers being honoured in 2022, it is from Ukraine in 2015

Updated on 28/04/2022 at 08:38

Old photo shows aid from China to Russia, not 'Russia sending food to Shanghai in 2022'

Published on 27/04/2022 at 10:29

Posts do not show 'Putin condemning Denmark for plundering Indonesian oil tanker'

Published on 27/04/2022 at 08:08