Posts mislead on German weather map colors, climate change

Published on 03/08/2022 at 18:18

Misleading posts claiming Rishi Sunak elected UK prime minister in July spread in India

Updated on 03/08/2022 at 10:29

Satirical report of WHO chief's 'arrest' shared as genuine news article

Updated on 03/08/2022 at 10:45

This clip shows a climate protest in Italy, not Ukrainian protesters in Spain

Published on 01/08/2022 at 11:35

This video shows a fire in Rome, not the Vatican City

Published on 27/07/2022 at 04:45

Posts misuse weather maps to back false climate claims

Published on 26/07/2022 at 18:23

This photo was taken near a concert venue in Amsterdam, not after a climate march in Rotterdam

Published on 25/07/2022 at 03:33

Posts share old news clips to downplay Europe's record heat

Published on 21/07/2022 at 22:04

Video from 2018 used in misleading post claiming Russian president recently arrived in South Africa

Published on 20/07/2022 at 17:20

Century-old Arctic report altered to discredit global warming

Published on 18/07/2022 at 19:41

Video dates back to 2017 post about Estonian railway repairs, unrelated to EU sanctioning Russia

Updated on 15/07/2022 at 11:28

Video of firefighters is unrelated to Dutch farmers' protest

Published on 13/07/2022 at 23:07

Posts falsely link 2011 jet photo to Dutch farmers' protests

Published on 13/07/2022 at 18:09

Zimbabwe users spread panic with false claims of criminals targeting US towns, sparking police warning

Published on 12/07/2022 at 13:45

German newspapers need not 'ensure 75 percent of articles are factual or call themselves magazines'

Updated on 12/07/2022 at 10:52